Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blocking E-mail From Selected Recipients Exchange 2010

If you are new to Exchange 2010 then like me you will know things are in different places and some things that were in the management console are no longer there and you need to use PowerShell to do some tasks.

If you need to block e-mail from a individual address into your server then the following Microsoft TechNet article will be of help :-

If you have a blocked senders list already setup and you wish to export the list then take a look at this :-

Friday, 25 March 2011

17th Edition Wiring Regulations Amendment No 1 2011

You can now pre-order your copy of the Wiring Regulations 17th Edition amendment no 1 2011.

Requirements for Electrical Installations: IET Wiring Regulations 17th Edition (BS 7671:2008) incorporating amendment number 1: 2011.

The new regulations take effect from January 2012 and is a must for all electricians or anyone involved in electrical work.  Amendment No 1 is expected to be published on 1 July 2011 and, following a six-month transition period, to come into full effect for the design of installations in January 2012.
Click here to pre-order your copy direct from Amazon.

Microsoft Spent Millions On IPv4 Addresses

I was reading on the net today (more info here) that Microsoft have just purchased 470,016 IP version 4 addresses.  Microsoft has had these addresses from defunct telecommunications firm Nortel via a auction according to news reports.  What Microsoft plans to do with them is not yet known.  But in there eyes this will be a good buy, as reported already (info here) the world has almost ran out of IPv4 addresses.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hacked From

So, one of my less important sites got hacked the other day from via a FTP hack possibly.  Having looked into this further it appears I am not alone as per the following sites comments :

And there is probably more !.  I was lucky enough to spot the hack less than 24 hours after it happened.  So you may be asking what was the hack and what did they do to my site (or if your reading this what have they done to your site) well for a start my .htaccess had been modified with redirects and on the root of my public_html was 2 directory’s one called “wetsuits” and the other called “kawaski”.

Wetsuits – this directory had 530 pages in total about 20Mb each link took you to some suspect site that said you had a virus, you know the type I mean. Also a bravia.php in this folder similar to the file below.

Kawaski – this had two files error_log and merge.php which seems to be some form of script they used to do it possibly.  Each of the files in here contain site content that the script has imported. 

According to my server logs they got in via FTP with my master password, my host says they got in via a PHP hack on the site, strange either way, but my host has now blocked this IP from all its servers.

See the images shown, click them to view full screen. Let me know if you been hacked also in this way.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Determining a User's Last Logon Time via AD

So you’re a Active Directory administrator and you need to know when a user last logged on to the domain.  If you install the AcctInfo.dll extension to Active Directory Users and Computers, you can view the last logon timestamp. You can download the “Account Lockout and Management Tools” from Microsoft here. There is also some useful tools in this pack to trace when user accounts lock out etc.

There is a good Microsoft TechNet blog here that explains exactly how the “LastLogonTimeStamp” attribute actually works and what it was designed for. I also managed to find this MSDN document that describes the Last-Logon-Timestamp attribute in more detail.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

How Does Nuclear Power Work ?

So we hear about nuclear power in the news quite a lot, beacuse of what is going on in Fukushima in Japan but do you understand what it is and how it makes power.  Well I will try to explain this to you.

Instead of burning coal or natural gas like in some power stations in a nuclear one you create the heat with uranium instead. There are two kinds of Uranium, U-235 and U-238. The difference between U-235 and U-238 is very simple. A U-238 atom has three more neutrons in its nucleus than a U-235 atom does. Everything else is the same. The funny thing is, though, that little difference has a big effect on the way the two atoms behave. U-235 will do something called spontaneous fission, and when they do, they give off a lot of heat.

The word "fission" means "splitting." If you hit a U-235 atom with a flying neutron, it splits into two smaller atoms, throws out several new neutrons, and creates heat. And it creates a lot of heat, a lot more than you get, say, by burning a carbon atom. Then the new neutrons hit other uranium-235 atoms and make them split. You can call this a chain reaction, because one splitting atom makes others split, and those splitting atoms make others split, and so on.  You mine the uranium, purify it, and then put it in a nuclear power plant. The uranium contains a huge amount of heat, just a few pounds contain the same amount of heat as a million gallons of gasoline -- and a little uranium is cheap by comparison.

The problem is that the uranium left over after a power plant uses it is still radioactive. And it will be radioactive for thousands of years. Just a little bit of uranium can kill or sicken a lot of people. So you have to store it safely for thousands of years. The problem is, we don't have a safe storage place yet. Then you have to transport the uranium to the storage area, and there is always a chance for an accident. The second problem is that, if something goes wrong at a nuclear power plant, (like in Japan) all of the radioactivity can create big problems. A nuclear accident releases radiation from the plant, and the radiation can make lots of people sick.

The other advantage of nuclear power is that the uranium fuel is long lasting. A nuclear sub can go for a decade or more without refueling. The only reason it needs ever come to port is to replace the crew and load up a new supply of food for them. For this same reason, modern aircraft carriers use nuclear power. They can stay at sea without having to worry about refueling.

The image and description here ( shows you what went wrong at Fukushima in Japan. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

New o2 High Speed Data In London

In a press release issued by O2 today it states that O2 has now switched on its new superfast 3G network across London after being granted permission by Ofcom in January to reuse its 900MHZ spectrum for such services. It is the first operator in the UK to make such a move. The 900MHz frequency band was previously only licensed for 2G services in the UK, but it offers the capability to significantly improve the potential of 3G services. Since being granted its new network licence in January, O2 has already deployed 3G900 services in key cities across the UK, including Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester, with other cities set to follow in the coming months.

Rigorous customer experience testing has shown that, on average, O2 customers on 3G900 compatible devices are now receiving data 30% faster than before the new spectrum was allocated for 3G use. Network capacity in the areas where 3G900 has been rolled out has also increased by 50%, allowing more people to take advantage of O2's high speed data services and in more places.

In the press release o2 said "We invest the equivalent of over £1m a day, every day, in our network, which is used to deliver technologies in a way that goes beyond traditional cellular infrastructure; providing access to a new range of 'smarter' services. Our strategy is to intelligently layer our network to give our customers connection to 2G, 3G, HSPA+,LTE and Wi-Fi, seamlessly, simply and at speed."

In case you wanted to know a 3G900 compatable device is an iPhone4, iPad2 and other UMTS/HSPA 900MHz compatible smartphones or tablets.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Keep Upto Date With News From Japan

If like me you like your news and want to keep upto date on what is currently going on in Japan, then why not do what I do. I listen to NHK Japan in English via my internet radio, but you can also listen on your PC. If you have an internet radio you can find NHK Japan in English under Asia broadcasters. There is also a NHK TV channel avaliable on Sky.

If you want to listen on shortwave then you will need an international broadcast radio capable of receiving in the frequency range of 49mb (6MHz Band) and 13mb (21MHz Band). A radio equipped to receive domestic shortwave radio service does not have a wide enough shortwave band (usually between 3.9 MHz to 12 MHz) and is not adequate to receive Radio Japan. It can be found at 5975Khz or 9790Khz. The direct transmissions are made from KDDI's Yamata transmission station in Ibaraki Prefecture. Relays are then made via 16 relay stations, located in countries including Britain and Singapore.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Efforts to cool Fukushima reactors in Japan continue

It appears there is still mnajor issues in Japan. Shortly after 6 AM today, an explosion was heard at the plant's No2 reactor. The explosion is believed to have occurred near a facility known as a suppression pool, which adjusts the pressure of the reactor. After the blast happened it was noticed that pressure in the facility dropped rapidly. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency suspects the facility was damaged and leaked radioactive materials.
The water level in the reactor had dropped a little, and fuel rods are believed to have been fully exposed for 6 and a half hours from Monday evening. The Tokyo Electric Power Company is continuing to pump seawater into the reactor in a effort to cool it.
Shortly after 6 AM today, an explosion was heard at the plant's No4 reactor. Damage was later found around the ceiling of the reactor building. At around 9:30 AM today, a fire broke out around the 4th floor, but was later confirmed to have gone out.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Adsense low earnings

Is anyone else having the same problems as me with Adsense ?, lets say you have a site that is a reasonable good one for Adsense per click, all of a sudden this week payments per click drop from between 0.50p - £1.50 to 0.02p per click ! This is bad its adding years to my retirement plans.

To me it makes no sense, the same type of adverts are been shown, apx the same number of impressions and apx the same number of clicks, come on Google whats wrong ?  No one seems to have a real answer for this.

If you have this problem then there is a number of reasons for low paying clicks such as :-

- There is a lot of sites that advertise that pay very low amount per click.
- You have to work hard on the AdSense placement and color optimization on your site. Using some AdSense optimization tips you can easily improve your CTR which can later result in higher AdSense income.
Anyone else having any issues or any tips to share ?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How much data does a 32KB stream use per hour ?

I was asked “how much data does a 32KB stream use per hour?” I was not 100% sure so I had a look and found the answer to this, it will of cause be of use to many people who read this blog.

This information will be of use to people with mobile phones and ADSL broadband.  Mobile phone and some ADSL broadband users have limited download limits per month.  For example a low end broadband package might have 2Gb of download allowance per month, a mobile phone may only have 500Mb download per month.

If you listen to streaming audio from your mobile phone, PC or internet radio this will tell you how much data you use per hour.  As you can see the lower the stream quality the less data it uses.  Also if the stream is in Mono it will be less than shown below, this assumes Stereo as most broadcasts will be in Stereo.

So your mobile phone, internet radio or PC will say something like “32Kbps - BBC World Service” this means you are listen to a 32Kbps stream of the BBC World Service.  The chart below will show how much each stream will use per hour.

32Kbps is 4KBs that’s about 14MB per hour
64Kbps is 8KBs that’s about 29MB per hour
128Kbps is 16KBs that’s about 57MB per hour

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Does work ? Update 1

So its been about a week since i signed up to  Have i seen a increase in traffic to my site ? well in one way yes, my Alexa rank is now 6,185,520 and it was 7,909,15 but the links still show as 18, but Alexa only updates the links once a month so we will have to wait a bit longer for that.  Plus the links are only from sites Alexa monitors, if i look on the net there is hundreds of links back to this site.

So I guess its a wait and see game on this, I have not noticed more site users or visitors or better Adsense so will just have to wait and see.  But the rank is getting better and that has to be a good thing.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bank Holidays In England and Wales in 2011 and 2012

Well this is a important post, as it contains details of when your next off work for bank holidays in 2011 and 2012 if you live in England or Wales !!.  Dont  forget that it has been announced that there will be a special bank holiday in 2011 to celebrate the royal wedding and in 2012 to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  The 2012 late May bank holiday will be moved to Monday 4 June 2012 and an additional Jubilee bank  holiday will be on Tuesday 5 June 2012. 

For details of bank holidays in 2011 and 2012 visit the following link :-