Friday, 27 May 2011

Outlook 2003 - How To Move Autocomplete Information

So like many users, you either have a new PC or reset a users profile and you find that the one thing that is needed is lost ! The Outlook autocomplete information.  This is the cache that is saved when you type e-mail addresses, and it remembers next time you come to type a similar address or persons name.

Here is a link show how to recover it if your using Outlook 2003.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mobile Brodband Speed Report

OFCOM has published it's first report into the performance of mobile broadband in the UK.    The report says that 17 per cent of UK households are using mobile broadband,  with 7 per cent who say it is there only means of internet access, compared to 3 per cent in 2009.

The research they did involved over 4.2 million tests and measured average speeds as well as the performance of the five mobile operators in areas of good 3G network coverage.  The research found some differences between the performance of operators’ 3G networks. O2, Vodafone and 3 offered faster average download speeds than T-Mobile and Orange.  O2, on average, delivered web pages faster than the other four operators and had lower average latency than 3, Orange and Vodafone. Latency is a measure of the responsiveness of a connection (it is measured by the time it takes a single packet of data to travel from a user’s PC to a third-party server and back again).
OFCOM went on to say that the most important factor affecting mobile broadband performance is coverage, and consumers should check with their provider how good the coverage is likely to be before buying a service

Note – Mobile broadband is those who access via a mobile phone or a 3G dongle or AirCard.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Digital TV Switchover In Stoke-on-Trent

This is a quick reminder to everyone in Stoke on Trent that the Fenton TV transmitter will soon be turned off for analogue transmissions.   If you are using the Fenton transmitter, switching over takes place in two stages on 07 Sep 2011 and 21 Sep 2011.

On the 7th September 20011 BBC2 analogue is switched off. You will need to re-tune your digital equipment to pick up the available channels.

On 21st September 2011 the remaining analogue channels are switched off. You will need to re-tune your digital equipment again to pick up additional channels.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding Broadcast Facts

The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton held on 29 April in London is reckoned to be the biggest media event in history, with a predicted global TV audience of 2 billion, plus an estimated 400 million participating online. This made it the most-viewed event in the history of broadcast and online video.
In total about 8000 journalists from all over the world came to London.  In total there was just over 300 broadcast/uplink trucks for the event.  The trucks were located in the broadcast hub in Green Park (which separates Buckingham Palace from Westminster). Temporary presentation studios were built at Canada Gate, adjacent to the park.

BBC cameras provided the “host feed” from within Westminster Abbey, the only broadcaster which was allowed cameras inside.  The BBC has about 20 cameras inside the Abbey. There was also be cameras along the route, down Horse Guards Parade from Buckingham Palace and more in key locations around the country. In total the BBC had around 100 cameras in use on the day.  The BBC pooled its footage with ITV and Sky and they syndicated the pictures around the world.

It is estimated the BBC spent more than £2million to cover the day, with a total of 850 staff working on the programmes. Around 500 to produce the coverage, with 350 on radio programming.


ITV took the BBC’s host feed from Westminster Abbey, but had a wider range of shots thanks to extra cameras which got wide shots and close-ups for ITV and Sky but not the BBC. They shared the footage from along the route with Sky News.

It is estimated at to have cost about £1million thanks to shared cameras and lower staffing costs.  Around 300 staff worked on the event for ITV.

Sky News

Sky shared the footage taken by BBC and ITN cameras, as well as using some of its own. In total, around 80 cameras.

It is estimated to have cost around £1million.  Around160 staff  in total worked on the evcent, including wardrobe and make-up artists.