Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Gaddafi's secret bunkers some links

Since I wrote this ( ) I notice it has had a high number of visitors so it must be something that people want to read about !.

Here is a small selection of links that will take you to web sites that will give you more information on Gaddafi's secret bunkers and his secret tunnels.

Rebels uncover Gaddafi's son's bunker - here
Inside Gaddafi bunkers - here
Inside Gaddafi's world (video) - here
Gaddafi underground world - here
Inside Gaddafi's bunkers (text & video) - here
Dail mail report (some great photo's) - here
Daily Mirror say they went in first - here
Daily Telegraph (video) - here
Locals take a look around - here
The article I wrote - here

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Stoke-On-Trent Digital Switchover

Viewers who receive there TV signal from the Fenton transmitter which covers Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme will need to re-tune their Freeview TV or Freeview box on or after both stages of the digital switchover on 7 September 2011 and 21 September 2011.  You will need to do a full retune.

7th September 2011 - The analogue BBC 2 signal will be switched off forever.

21st September 2011 - The last 4 analogue channels, BBC 1, ITV, CH4 and CH5 will be switched off forever.

Details on how to retune can be found here

Further information on Freeview in this area can be found here

If you have any questions regarding the digital switch over i will be happy to answer them.

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Progress Bar In IE9 And Menu Bar

So I just decided to update to IE9, but as soon as I did I hit a problem, when loading pages I cant see the progress of the site that is loading and most times you need to know this, had a look in the settings and could not find anything.  So after looking I found various posts that say that in IE9 there is no progress bar, oh well I will miss that.
Another issue is where is the menu bar, with File Edit View and so on, well this can be put on.  Press ALT and the bar appears then select View and the Toolbars then select Menu Bar to keep this menu bar on all the time (As shown below)

As I have only been using IE9 there maybe other issues that need to be resolved, if I find any further issues I will write another post,check for the "IE9" tag.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

How To Browse The Internet On The Nintendo DSi

Well someone asked me about this the other day, so i thought i would post it and share with the world.  It is documented but I remember when I first set the internet up on my Nintendo DSi I had a job locating this information.

The Nintendo DSi does not come pre-installed with a internet browser. To access the internet through your Nintendo DSi, you must first download the Nintendo DSi Browser from the Nintendo DSi Shop on your DSi.  It is free from the shop.

If you have downloaded the Nintendo DSi Browser and you would like to restrict access to browsing the internet, this can be done through the Parental Control settings of the system.

Note : When you go to the Nintendo shop you may be asked to update your firmware, be aware of this if you have a "card" (i.e R4, TT or AceKard etc) as this can stop it working and you may need to patch your card after (as I had to do this the first time with a AceKard)

More information on the Nintendo DSi browser here

Saturday, 27 August 2011

History of Radio Luxembourg

The following is based on a article I write sometime ago about radio Luxemburg.
Radio Luxembourg is a commercial broadcaster in many languages from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is known in most non-English languages as RTL (for Radio Television Luxembourg).

The English-language service of Radio Luxembourg began in 1933 as one of the earliest commercial radio stations broadcasting to Britain. It was an important forerunner of pirate radio and modern commercial radio in the United Kingdom. It boasted the most powerful transmitter in the world (1200 kW broadcasting on medium wave); in the late 1930s, and again in the 1950s and 1960s, it captured very large audiences in the British Isles with its programmes of popular entertainment.

The final broadcast of the old Radio Luxembourg was on 30th December 1992, and I was there to hear it all and tape it.  The 2 old C90 tapes I did have now been transfered to MP3 so they will last a bit longer.  Never know one day I may put them on here for you to download, if RTL allow me !
A lot of the DJ’s that used to work at Radio Luxemburg came from some of the pirate radio stations of the time, some later went on to be house hold names on TV.  Some of the greats include Timmy Mallot, Stephen Williams, Noel Edmonds, Paul Burnett, Neil Fox aka Dr Fox, Tony Prince, Mike Read, Jimmy Savile, David “Kid” Jenson, Chris Moyles under the "broadcast name" Chris Holmes, Mike Hollis, Bob Stewart, Tony Adams, Shaun Tilley, Steve Joy and the Emperer Rosko.

1931: The creation of CLR (Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Radiodiffusion). It is a private company with shareholders from different European firms.

1933: March 15th marks the official, on-air launch of Radio Luxembourg. As a European pioneer, the company broadcasts a unique combination of programmes in several languages using the same long wave frequency to Luxembourg, Germany, Great Britain, France and later the Netherlands and Italy. The station rapidly becomes the most popular European commercial radio station. In
1951, Radio Luxembourg transfers its English programming to medium wave on the AM band on a frequency of 1440 KHz, or 208 meters (wavelength). "Two-Oh-Eight" quickly becomes a new musical reference point for young Britons. It was a time of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Radio Luxembourg delivered it in quantity to the masses. '208' becomes the best-known radio wavelength and gains massive acclaim as The Station of the Stars. For the next several decades, this English Service of Radio Luxembourg inspires and influences all those involved in any aspect of the music and recording industries: musicians, DJs, promoters, record companies and bands; even news organizations. Radio Luxembourg’s influence, even in English, included the European continent as well. Listeners, especially at night, numbered in the millions. Some Europeans say today they learned to speak English just by listening regularly to Radio Luxembourg. It’s certainly where they got their rock ‘n’ roll!

1991: For various business reasons, CLT decides to close down the frequency 1440 AM. From that day, Radio Luxembourg broadcast only on short wave, via the ASTRA satellite, and on the radio channel of Sky TV. But this change could not solve the financial problems. The rise of competing, local FM radio stations broadcasting in stereo contributed to the problems for Radio Luxembourg. Though broadcasting via satellite enabled the station to potentially reach millions throughout the whole of Europe, the results were disappointing, and this led CLT (Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télé Diffusion) to finally close the English Service of Radio Luxembourg in 1992.

2005 : The Legend Is Back! The new RTL Group is using the new DR technology to re-launch Radio Luxembourg in English on several short wave frequencies, notably 7145 KHz. But this is not the crackly short wave of years gone by, No! It’s CD-clear and digital. In a test phase lasting through September 2006, current transmissions are ongoing 24 hours daily. Radio Luxembourg now offers a format of Classic Rock. A new generation of “future proof” digital radio receivers featuring DR/DAB/FM/AM are shortly to be available from various manufacturers. These new radios are portable, and will tune in stations by name, not necessarily by frequency. That means you simply enter “Radio Luxembourg,” or scroll through the Electronic Programming Guide to find what you want. The radio does the rest, even following that station to another frequency without you, the listener, ever knowing or hearing about it. Their audio quality is superb and the DR transmission range is vast. The RTL Group and most leading international broadcasters are actively supporting the digital radio/DR initiative, and we encourage you to visit their websites. Radio Luxembourg, The Best In Classic Rock! The Legend Is Back!

2011 : Radio Luxembourg is broadcasting via internet radio, you can listen from your PC or internet radio 24/7 at


Info from : and +various web sites

Friday, 26 August 2011

Live Video Stream of Hurricane Irene

Be quick, i have just found this live video stream of hurricane Irene at the Outer Banks of Hatteras Island (North Carolina ) this is currently been broadcast live from a moving vechicle.  Not sure how long this feed will be on for so be quick, let me know if your watch it.

Go to  following link 

Minder Episode Guide

Here is the complete episode guide for Minder starting back in 1979 and going all the way up to the 2009 series.   It originally started Dennis Waterman as Terry McCann, a bodyguard (minder in London slang) and George Cole as Arthur Daley. 
Series 1 (October 1979–January 1980)
  • "Gunfight at the O.K. Laundrette"
  • "Bury my Half at Waltham Green"
  • "The Smaller They Are"
  • "A Tethered Goat"
  • "The Bounty Hunter"
  • "Aces High – and Sometimes Very Low"
  • "The Bengal Tiger"
  • "Come in T-64 "
  • "Monday Night Fever"
  • "The Dessert Song"
  • "You Gotta Have Friends"

Series 2 (September–December 1980)
  • "National Pelmet"
  • "Whose Wife is it Anyway?"
  • "You Lose Some, You Win Some"
  • "Don't Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here"
  • "Not A Bad Lad, Dad"
  • "The Beer Hunter"
  • "A Nice Little Wine"
  • "All Mod Cons"
  • "Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy"
  • "The Old School Tie"
  • "All About Scoring – Innit?"
  • "Caught in the Act, Fact"
  • "A Lot of Bull and a Pat on the Back"

Series 3 (January–April 1982)
  • "Dead Men Do Tell Tales"
  • "You Need Hands"
  • "Rembrandt doesn't live here anymore"
  • "Looking for Micky"
  • "Dreamhouse"
  • "Another Bride, Another Groom"
  • "The Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs"
  • "The Son Also Rises"
  • "Why Pay Tax"
  • "Broken Arrow"
  • "Poetic Justice Innit?"
  • "Back in Good Old England"
  • "In"

Series 4 (January–March 1984)
  • "Minder's Christmas Bonus"
  • "Rocky Eight and a Half"
  • "Senior Citizen Caine"
  • "High Drains Pilferer"
  • "Sorry Pal, Wrong Number"
  • "Car Lot Beggars"
  • "If Money be the Food of Love, Play on"
  • "A Star is Gorn"
  • "Willesden Suite"
  • "Windows"
  • "Get Daley"
  • "A Well Fashioned Fit Up"

Series 5 (September-December 1984)
  • "Goodbye Sailor"
  • "What Makes Shamy Run?"
  • "A Number of Old Wives' Tales"
  • "The Second Time Around"
  • "Secondhand Rose"
  • "Ride to Scratchwood"
  • "Hypnotising Rita"
  • "The Balance of Power"
  • "Around the Corner"

Series 6 (September–October 1985)
  • "Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread"
  • "Life in the Fast Food Lane"
  • "Return of the Invincible Man"
  • "Arthur is dead, Long Live Arthur"
  • "From Fulham With Love"
  • "Waiting for Goddard"
  • "Minder on the Orient Express" (1985 feature length special)

Series 7 (January–February 1989)
  • "An Officer and a Car Salesman"
  • "It's a Sorry Lorry, Morrie"
  • "Day of Fines and Closures"
  • "Fatal Impression"
  • "The Last Video Show"
  • "Fiddler on the Hoof"
  • "The Wrong Goodbye"

Series 8 (September–November 1991)
  • "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Entrepreneur"
  • "A Bouquet of Barbed Wine"
  • "Whatever Happened to Her Indoors?"
  • "Three Cons Make a Mountain"
  • "Guess Who's Coming to Pinner"
  • "The Last Temptation of Daley"
  • "A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in Shepherd's Bush"
  • "Him Indoors"
  • "The Greatest Show in Willesden"
  • "Too Many Crooks"
  • "The Odds Couple"
  • "The Coach That Came in from the Cold"
  • "The Cruel Canal"

Series 9 (January–April 1993)
  • "I'll Never Forget What'sername"
  • "No Way to Treat a Daley"
  • "Uneasy Rider"
  • "Looking for Mr. Goodtime"
  • "Opportunity Knocks and Bruises"
  • "Gone with the Winchester"
  • "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Retiring"
  • "The Roof of All Evil"
  • "Last Orders at the Winchester"
  • "Cars and Pints and Pains"
  • "The Great Trilby"
  • "A Taste of Money"
  • "For a Few Dollars More"

Series 10 (January–March 1994)
  • "A Fridge Too Far"
  • "Another Case of Van Blank"
  • "All Things Brighton Beautiful"
  • "One Flew over the Parents' Nest"
  • "The Immaculate Contraption"
  • "All Quiet on the West End Front"
  • "The Great Depression of 1994"
  • "On the Autofront"
  • "Bring Me the Head of Arthur Daley"
  • "The Long Good Thursday"

Series 11 (February-March 2009)
  • "Better The Devil You Know"
  • "In Vino Veritas"
  • "The Art Of The Matter"
  • "Matter Of Life And Debt"
  • "Count Your Lucky Stars"
  • "'Till Debt Do Us Part"

Amendment No 1 FAQ

In issue 39 of the IET’s Wiring Matters magazine there is a 3 page section on frequently asked questions for BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment No 1
Click the following link for more info

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Inside Gaddafi’s Secret Bunkers

Found a great site today that shows what they just found when looking for Gaddafi's secret tunnels and bunkers, gives you a real insight into his world. I am sure over the next few days, weeks, months and maybe years we will find out more.  Maybe there is secret tunnels from his complex to other parts of Libya, it would not supprise most people.

Click below link to read all about it

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rixos Hotel Journalists Are Freed

Around 35 journalists including many British nationals, have now left the Rixos hotel after being held captive by Gaddafi forces for five days. Heavy fighting and gunfire continued in the streets surrounding the hotel on Wednesday, as rebel forces battled to take full control of the capital. The Rixos hotel just south of the Tripoli city centre appeared to be one of the few parts of the city not under rebel control.

You can watch the video as they come out here and read more of this amazing story here

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Free Libya And More Great Live Images From Sky News

Another great day of reporting from Alex Crawford and the Sky News team in Libya, we return home here in England to see that they are again broadcasting live from inside the Gadaffi compound, the compound is now fully in the hands of opposition fighters.

And more reporting live from inside the compound as troops raise there own flag.  Another great one for the old Apple Mac Pro laptop computer connected to the BGAN mini-satellite dish on the truck that was all been charged and powered by a car cigarette lighter socket in a truck.  I also see again today that Alex Crawford is trending on Twitter, and posts all over the net, at least the BBC are getting some mentions, for been slow to respond mostly.

Monday, 22 August 2011

How did Sky News broadcast live from Tripoli ?

So the question has been asked “How did Sky News broadcast live from Tripoli in Libia ?”

Well if you was lucky enough to watch Sky News last night you will know the report we are all talking about, the one that started of with a live broadcast when driving into Tripoli from the back of a truck (here), I have heard many people say “Easy, they just used a video call on a mobile phone you could tell by the quality” well I have news for you this is not true.  It's not true for a few reasons the first been that the government in Tripoli would shut the mobile phone networks down at the first chance they had and they don’t have as good quality 3G over there as we have, plus the quality was a little better than 3G even if you did see it on your 50 inch plasma as a 3G type video call.

The broadcast was done with an Apple Mac Pro laptop computer connected to a BGAN mini-satellite dish on the truck that was all been charged and powered by a car cigarette lighter socket in the truck they were all in, amazing if you think we are in 2011, but even more so in Libya as it's not the kind of place you can just book a satellite truck for a uplink feed. In the back of the truck, was Andy Marsh, the producer, sat holding the satellite dish and a compass, constantly readjusting the dish to track the satellite above. The arrangement proved so stable that at one stage Alex Crawford was able to broadcast live and uninterrupted for 40 minutes.

At the time this amazing event in history was happening in Tripoli, the people were out in the square and on the streets, what was the BBC doing ? well the BBC only aired file footage that it has been said was taken earlier that day, they did eventually get a live feed from there reporter in the hotel and not on the streets.  Also when the official Libyan spokesman  Moussa Ibrahim was speaking to reporters in Tripoli, Sky News was ahead of the BBC by broadcasting the press conference live, where was the BBC ? well all the other reporters were contained within the city's Rixos Hotel by armed guards loyal to Gadaffi, while Sky News was the only ones out on the streets.

It's been said on Twitter and other web sites that last nights reporting by Alex and her team has already won her awards, if you watched it live you would agree.

The Sky News team that night were Alex Crawford, the cameramen accompanying her were Garwen Mclukie and Jim Foster and the producer was Andy Marsh.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Tunnel Trader - Review Part 2

So I ordered, and it arrived the Tunnel Trader system.  All you get is a 125 page book, plus support from John and his team.

I have been trying John Piper's Tunnel Trader system for a few days now, with no luck at all, maybe the markets are not going my way or maybe the system does not work or maybe I don't understand it, well it could be a bit of them all really.  There was one bit I didn't understand and i sent a e-mail to John last night and i got a reply back this morning, which was nice and quick.  And it did help to confirm what i asked him really.

I will give it another go again next week, and have another read of the book again this weekend.

If anyone has used this system and had good results please let me know.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Iberostar Paraiso Maya Hotel Review

Here is my review of Iberostar Paraiso Maya Hotel In Riviera Maya Mexico.

I have written a 5 page review of the Iberostar Maya hotel, this document also contains links to photographs I took during the holiday (over 100) plus video. 

Click here to download the review of this hotel

Note : The link is a PDF file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this review please ask them here and not on other sites that link to this post.

Monday, 15 August 2011

About To Try Tunnel Trader System

In the next few days I am about to try the Tunnel Trader system, will update you all once I have give it a go and see if it works or not.

For more info the site can be found at :