Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Windows 7 Remote Assistance Shortcut

On Windows 7 getting to “Remote Assistance” can be a pain, so many tabs to get to it and if you don’t use it often it can be a pain to even remember where to look.

You can create a shortcut directly to it

%windir%\system32\msra.exe /offerra 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

6 Towns Radio Tech Team Show This Sunday

Dont forget to listen to the 6 Towns Radio Tech Team show LIVE on 6 Towns Radio tomorrow Sunday 22nd April between 6-7pm.  We will be LIVE every week.  There will be lots to talk about, along with a review of the weeks tech news, a look at the Apple and Android app charts for the week, plus much more.  Listen in at

Thursday, 19 April 2012

6 Towns Radio On FM May & June 2012

6 Towns Radio is partnering with Cre8 Radio and will be sharing FM broadcasting on the frequency 87.9  between Wednesday 30th May and Saturday 23rd June.  For the past few years Cre8 Radio have been broadcasting from Staffordshire University for the community of Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The launch day is also the day that the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay passes through the Stoke-on-Trent area, an event that includes 6 Towns Radio presenter Dan Tatton carrying the torch at the nearest point to 6 Towns Radio Burslem studio, on the following day  it heads out of the 6 Towns on it's way North to Bolton. The event will be on air and online, including the evening held in Hanley Park on the Wednesday evening. The broadcast is also being organised in association with fantastic local organisation B-Arts. The Newcastle based organisation develops creative programmes and projects that sustain, develop and enrich communities in the area.  The stations are also being linked to the Fringe festival and the Staffordshire University Degree Show, both of which take place during the 25 day broadcast.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Install SSIS on SQL Server 2008

This is how to install only SSIS on SQL Server 2008, you may do this if you already have a SQL cluster and something requires SSIS.

Note that you need SQL Standard or Enterprise to do this.

1.       Run setup.exe as normal.
2.       Select “Installation” and then select “New SQL Server Stand-along installation or add features to an existing installation”
3.       Ensure all prerequisites are ok and then press “ok” to continue.
4.       Accept the Product key.
5.       Accept the EULA.
6.       In the “Features” section select only “Integration Services” and “Management Tools” press “Next” to continue install.
7.       Accept all the “Next” options to complete install.
8.       Reboot after install and now SSIS will work.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

MP3 Recording App For Android (Samsung S2)

So, I have the need to record audio on my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone that is of a good quality so I have been testing some apps from the Android app store.  The best one I found was one called "Hi-Q MP3 Recorder" there is a free version, that is limited to 10mins per recording and then there is the full paid for version that is currently on sale at £2.39.

As I need to record some interviews then it needs to be good quality and have the ability to record for some time if required, hence my need to purchase the full version once I downloaded the free version first and tested it worked ok.

The app records to MP3 by default, I don't know if you can change this, but I require MP3 anyway.  You can record at 128k, 96k, 64k or 32k.  I set mine as the 128k as this will give best results.

There is also a "Gain" option in the settings and this will increase the volume of the microphone.  I did some tests and set it at max gain which was +20db and it was really loud and clear with me standing 2m away from the phone, the only problem was you could hear a pin drop or in my case the rain outside, the squeak of the chair etc, so I dropped it down to +10Db gain and that's a lot better, you can put the phone on the table and interview someone at normal voice level and not pick up to much background sounds. 

For most things the built in sound recorder I found was a very good quality, but I needed to record in high quality MP3 so I had to go with a third party app like this one.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Linksys PAP2T Setup On SipGate Via Sky Broadband

So I thought I would give it a try and get a SIP trunk to work at home, the outcome was good, and easy to do.  First of all I registered with and they gave me 1 free local landline number, there control pannel is quite good you can do lots, such as forward to voicemail, see who has called and when etc, the list goes on and best of all you get it all on the free package which is a bonus.

The next thing I did was to order a compatable SIP ATA, I went for a Linksys PAP2T, As many people may know Linksys is part of Cisco who are a well known networking company.  I got this from eBay for under £20 and it was from a Hong Kong seller, who had good feedback, It came in about 1 week, which is very fast from Hong Kong.  I got the ATA device, power supply, network cable and RJ11 cable (which i dont need).

Assuming you use DHCP on your router its really easy to set this up, just plug in the power, connect the network cable, plug a phone in one of the ports and press **** and then 110# and it will read you back the IP address you have assigned to it.  Now go to your PC and put this IP address in the browser and it will open up and you can get to the settings.

Now go back to your SipGate account and login, click on help and then select LinkSys PAP2T and it will display all the settings you need to add.  It does not say it but click "Save" on each page as you enter the settings.

Once you have done this you will be ready to plug a phone in and it should work ok, mine did.

The only extra thing you will need is a RJ11 to BT Socket to connect a phone to it, they cost about a £1 or so on eBay so order 2 when you order the ATA.

The ATA has 2 ports so you can do the same and add another number to port 2 the same way you did with port one.  I have not done this myself but I have read a few reports and its worked ok.

As you can see from my image below this is the finished setup.  My ATA connects to my Sky Netgear router (that now has a super 7db aerial attached in case the huge black aerial confused you) and then I have my phone going out of port one.  The two loose BT box's that hang there are TwinTalk's and they give me two numbers on one BT line.  So with this SIP ATA i now have another number to play around with.  I may in the near future look to port one of my BT numbers to this SIP line.

Here is a video of my current setup.


And here below is a picture of how it is all setup.