Sunday, 28 April 2013

Remove PCEU Virus aka Police Central e-crime Unit

I was looking for some info on certain songs, all of a sudden I got hit by the famous "Police Central e-crime Unit" aka  "PCeu Virus" screen of death.  Once you get this your "stuffed" it's a nasty virus/malware that stops you from disableing this image and it appears each time you boot.

See below the image for how I got rid of this :-

So first of all don't panic ! and dont reboot ! Stop and think first !

1. So i got hit by this while web browsing, lucky enough I know it isnt real and didnt pay up, if you did. you would still be stuck with this anyway !.  On the PC I was on at the time it was running Windows Vista.  I tried CTRL ALT DEL and no it open up that screen ok but would not load "Task Manager"

2.  I've got multiple users so I selected "Switch User" and logged on as another admin account, It got me in ok but I could not run Task Manager, so  I downloaded "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free" and started a scan, I opted for a quick scan and it took about 45mins to scan my 60Gb of data on the C drive.

3.  At the end of the scan it found 5 suspect items so I removed them, crossed my fingers and rebooted.

4. Lucky enough that did the trick and got rid of it.

If this don't work for you or your not in the same situation as me visit the following link there is some great guides on how to remove this virus there -

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Microsoft's 255 Character File Limit

If your like me and work in IT every so often this issue will crop up.
Where a copy fails or a backup fails due to long file paths, most users dont understand this or why there is a limit many people I speak to say "there should not be a limit" nice in a perfect world, anyone of a certain age who had a DOS or Windows 3.x based PC will remember the 8 character limit ! ( )
Here is a good description of the Microsoft 255 Character limit that we all face at some point.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Join In - North Staffs TV

North Staffs TV will soon be in a position to start delivering local TV content out to North Staffordshire and the world via the internet. They have premises, they have a plan and now they need you to help them deliver it.

They are looking for a wide variety of skills, from presenters, camera crew, editing team, production, web editors, content writers, administrators, journalists, graphic designers and much more.

For more info visit -