Facts About Me

1 : I am a licensed UK amateur radio operator, I passed the exams in 2002.  My call sign is M3BIK and I can be found on 2m at 145.725Mhz VT repeater in Stoke-on-Trent.

2 : I used to be a root administrator for a IRC network known as Darkkaos located in Austin, Texas. There was about 3 root administrators alongside myself and hundreds of users worldwide quite a few Linux servers, getting hacked to death 24/7 by script kiddies and DOS attacks.

3 : I have been paragliding 5 times from the Babadag mouintains in Olu Deniz in Turkey from 1000, 1975 and 2300 metre's up, past the usual take off point of 1975 metres.

4 : I wrote my first website back in 1998, using just HTML code , I used to know all the code back then, these days programs like FrontPage and DreamWeaver do it all for you.

5 : The first ever web site I went on was www.hp.com around 1994 time, I went onto get some printer drivers. Before that I used to get them from BBS.

6: The first song I ever played on 6 Towns Radio was Timbuk 3 - The Future's So Bright.