My Skills

Here is a list of my skills, this is not a full detailed list, it is given as a general idea of the services I am able to offer.

Computer - Software Support
I hold a wide range of computer related qualifications, such as NVQ's, Microsoft and Novell qualifications. I have also been on a large number of training and technical courses for hardware and software.

Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems

DOS operating systems (MS-DOS and DR-DOS)

Novell Netware 3x and 4x

Microsoft Office

Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL

PHP / PHP-Nuke

Linux / Apache

Microsoft Frontpage

Microsoft IIS

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft ISA/TMG Server

RSA Secure ID Server

Computer - Hardware Support
I am able to repair, service and upgrade a wide range of desktop or server machines.

Computer - Network Support
I am able to install, configure, manage and upgrade a wide range of computer networks, from small home or office networks to large multi-site networks. Installation and support of network hubs, switches, routers and other associated network devices. I am also able to install network cabling for new networks or to upgrade existing installations on CAT5/6 or BNC cabling.

Computer - Internet
As I have been on the internet for many years I know quite a bit about it and how it works. I am able to produce websites using HTML, ASP, PHP, PHP-Nuke etc. I also have a good working knowledge of webservers and associated software such as IIS, Apache, Linux, and cPanel to name a few.

I hold a wide range of electronics qualifications. I have also been lucky enough to attend various training courses held by large well known company's such as Sony, Toshiba, HP, BT and Panasonic to name a few.

I personally have just over 5,000 service manuals and schematic diagrams in either paper or electronic format, for a wide range of electrical and electronics goods, from the 1930's to present day goods.

I am able to service and repair a wide range of electronic items from TV's to mobile phones, with or without schematic diagrams and service information. I am able to repair goods down to component level. I have contracts with a wide range of suppliers and I am able to locate spare parts when required. I am also a member of various knowledge share networks that are only accessable to electronics engineers, one of the most successful in the UK been BranchTV, this organisation has in excess of 300 UK members that can be contacted for help and assistance on repairs offering advice to fellow group members and assisting in locating hard to fine spare parts or service information.

I am a fully qualified PAT tester (City and Guilds 2377-200: Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment) allowing me to PAT test a wide range of electrical goods, after PAT testing you will be issued with a legal PAT test certificate to indicate that I have tested your electrical items in accordance to the current PAT testing regulations.